Ever reject somebody based on looks then down the road they look great?

Have you ever rejected somebody based on looks/style/weight/etc. then down the road they change and didn't have that issue anymore?

Have you rejected a girl that looked like she didn't put much effort into her appearance then down the road she changed and puts effort into being stylish, or say you reject a guy because he's overweight and sexually unappealing only to see the guy lose the weight.

Did you regret rejecting them seeing what they became? Or did you just think "good for them" and paid it no attention? Did it make you reconsider who you give a chance to, or do you still feel the same way as before?


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  • No, I've never done that to anyone at least not that I remember but I've had it done to me.

    Let me tell you it sucks,
    You know the game guys always play in class trying to secretly point and ask "would you do her" or "rate her"
    hearing you're too weird, awkward or maybe not up to par on the looks scale hurts

    But you know what makes it all better seeing those same guys from my senior year of high school and freshman year of college look at that awkward girl as a junior and drool.
    Those same guys now stalk me on social media, hug me in person and try to be my BFF

    Funny how I was invisible just a few years ago
    I think they defiantly regret judging me so quickly because they don't stand a chance with me now.


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  • I haven't done that to others but I recently lost a lot of weight and toned up and I have people paying me attention again. It's like they were interested before but didn't want anyone else to know they were interested, and now they're all ready to commit. I would say this is very common and physical appearance has a huge part in relationships, more then most people would like to admit.

  • Nope. But it must suck.


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  • Primary school a little girl used to follow me every where I actually could not stand her, she is now a fitness instructor and one of the most gawjuss females I've ever seen!