What sort of meetup/hookup will this be?

So I saw this guy at a family occasion 10 years ago had a crush on him. Didn't see him much after that but added him on fb about 4 years later. We started talking and been in contact ever since but only only. We've never met but are planing a meet up in a few days. He used to have a crush on me earlier too. Recently we've talked dirty online as well and the meet up might end up in a hookup, which I'm up for without any hope of a relationship or anything. We've spoken online for hours sometimes but I'm really scared that if I meet him I might not like him and it would be awkward. Maybe its just nerves. What can I do to make it not get awkward and not act as if he's a creepy murder (which i obviously don't think he is)?


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  • What you can do to not make it awkward? Just don't act awkward. Just act naturally. And since you've talked this much and known each other for so many years (even though you haven't had much contact until recently) everything will probably go smoothly. Just relax and have fun.


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  • Trust and be yourself

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