Should I feel guilty about this?

Recently I was trying to buy this bottle of vodka that my boyfriend loves. The only person I knew who knew where it could be sold was this kid I used to go to high school with. (I found out through a mass message on Facebook). Anyway, I never knew this kid that well in high school, and after he told me where to get the vodka, he started chatting with my via texts. I told him, about 3 texts in, that I had a boyfriend. I was being friendly, but def not flirtatious. He told me I looked really pretty in my Facebook pictures but I didn't compliment him. Then he said if I was ever in town that I should hit him up (even though I said I had a boyfriend). I said "haha ok cool" and I'm not going to call him. Is this wrong? I was getting the vodka FOR my boyfriend so I don't see it as a problem, but I feel guilty for talking to the guy at all, even though I mentioned my boyfriend.


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  • you shouldnt feel guilty in my opinion

    you weren't "talking" to him behind your boyfriends back

    you mentioned your boyfriend

    you weren't setting up a date with him

    you told him you'd hangout with him sometime that's ok doesn't mean there's going

    to be sexual activity involved.

    guys and girls hangout all the time that aren't dating:)

    don't feel guilty.

    feel guilty if you let something happy

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