Having trouble meeting decent guys?

I moved to another state because of a job opportunity and I wanted to move to a better area for me and my son. My hometown is ghetto and full of guys that only wanted me for sex and money and unfortunately, I fell into their bad boy games because I wanted a boyfriend so bad because every female I know is in a relationship, engaged, or married.
So far I am having a good time in this new state, but I am having a hard time meeting guys or even making friends.I haven't had a relationship in four years, it would be nice to go on a date, but I would like to make some friends too.
I recently joined a gym because I have a fascination for boxing (and basically any contact sport such as football and wrestling) and I have always wanted to try it, I really like it a lot and everyone there is really nice. There is a guy there that I think is attractive but I get really shy and when he does talk to me I rarely say a thing, this is not just with guys it's basically any stranger (male or female) that talks to me just on a friendly level.
I also can't help but think I'm unattractive and ugly. I'm 25 years old. I'm a 5'4 African American woman I'm pretty fit, but a little curvy. I am insecure about my gap in between my teeth because guys that I have dated have said something negative about it. I also have been called ugly all my life all the way up until now in my adulthood so I can't help when someone looks at me and wonder if they think I'm ugly. (I have a pic on my profile so take a look if you want)
I'm just having a hard time in general. I want to break this cycle of dating crappy guys and having crappy friends and just start fresh, but I dont know how. Any ideas?


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  • You're fucking gorgeous as it is, but visible confidence is always attractive in a person.
    Talk to him, what's the worst that could happen. So he might not be interested, move on. You could easily get somebody else. However, he might be interested; win!
    Whatever happens, you won't know until you try xxx


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  • aww your definitely not ugly !! just ignore the negativity there are people like that everywhere but you just have ignore them and stay positive:)