Where is the line between dating and just hanging out?

So me and this guy that im friends with/like were going to go bowling today (we didn't because he got a traffic ticket and after paying it off, he was broke haha i offered to pay but then he said he barely has a quarter tank of gas he needs to get to and from phoenix for work this week and phoenix is about 45-60 minutes away so i guess he wanted to drive and pay!) but we are going next weekend..

anyway, all that was said was that me and him were going to hang out. when i told my mom and my friends, they automatically called it a date! i said we were just hanging out and they said nooo its a date!

i know guys and girls hang out just as friends all the time. so why are they saying its a date?

and how can you tell whether its a date or if you and a member of the opposite sex are just hanging out? where's the line dividing the two?


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  • I would say that hanging out would be a guy and a girl going somewhere to have fun because they are friends. A date would be two people that get together because they want to know more about them and/or they have an attraction to them and want to get together

    • but what if you're not sure that the other person is attracted to you or not? do you just wait to see how everything goes and determine afterwards?

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