Could he be planning something?

I haven't seen him since late August.My parents thought he was a predator..he is 36 I'm 27..and said he was no good for me..thought he wouldn't be able to take care of me even though they would not give him the chance to meet them.I recently told them I was still talking to him and told them how upset i have been.The day before that he said I should tell them and keep fighting for him.He had also said something about we could never get married because I said I had to have their approval.I didn't say that. I came up with the idea of them meeting..I said I would like for them to get to know him..when they said no they wouldn't and judged him.I didn't say anything about marriage.Anyway now they said I can see him."I can bring him over to my house to meet them if I want to at least I will be able to know what he looks like when he hurts you"-my dad's words.I know he wouldn't hurt me.I think he would have already done it if he was going to.I asked him when I could see him. He said he wasn't sure because he is busy during the summer-he has summer camp with kids at church next weekend (He works at a church).He hasn't been saying much lately.I had said I hoped I didn't make him mad or get him in trouble at work for chatting or anything and he said"Not at all.Have a good day."Now I'm wondering if he is planning something for when they do meet.Could that be part of why he doesn't say much..and him being busy? Is it possible that he could be distancing himself..focusing on work because he is scared I could catch on to what he is doing if he is saving money or something? I love him and I want to be with him.I would be with him no matter what.I'm a teacher working as an aide right now.I have been to school..the only other step is having my own family.I'm scared.No it isn't him.I think I would be scared to take that step in general. All of the people my age that I know are married.I had been wondering when it would be my turn? Now I'm scared.Do you think he could be? Help


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  • from what i understand, i think this older guy is scared of your parents and may not think it is worth it to pursue you if he can't see himself marrying you.

    • Why did he keep telling me to fight for him? I finally told them I was still talking to him. Now they will let me see him. Do you think that now I have told them he is going to back away? When they didn't one point I had said something like I would keep seeing him even if they said no. I said are you scared they will find out? He said no but he was scared for me. But now they know because I told them I was still talking to him because I was tired of being miserable.I love him and I miss him and I stood up for him. Now they will give him a chance. Did I do all of this for nothing? :(

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