To ask or not to ask? Worried about certain things.?

Okay there is this girl that I think likes me. Whom I find attractive, the biggest thing is the age difference. She is 18 and I am 28. Another thing she is planning on going out of town for school, which is a couple hours away. The age is the biggest conflict with me. Even though I might not have the same experiences that someone my age might have had, also have to think about what her parents would think. I don't want to going around thinking okay could we have worked out. Some of my family know that she likes me, by certain things she does and says. One of them told me to just leave it alone "if its meant to be, it will be." The thing is I have never seen a girl make a move and how will I know if I don't even try. So I am looking for advice.


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  • Age dont define all bro. Though truth is she is 18 not like your 34 and she is 24. She is still child of childish mind. (dont like? is still true)

    Don let you mind get stuck in the little pretty thing mentality or it will haunt you rest of your life.

    You are man now it is time to find woman.

  • Why don't go or it? You have to pity more for those who dont even have ur condition in their lives.