Why did he ask me if I've had a lot of boyfriends?

he said because he wanted to get to know me better and he really liked me, but i might of mentioned i haven't gone very far with a guy befor in the past so like is this some sexist question or measuring my worth or something?


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  • I personally think it depends on who asked it, and what the situation was.

    Now, I know that that seems immensely cliché, I really do.

    If the two of you happened to be in a conversation about just, like you said, getting to know each other, and the conversation casually drifted there, I don't really see an issue with the question. In that case it's simple curiousity and it wasn't out of nowhere.

    Now, if it was more "out-of-the-blue", then that might be something of an issue. Again, it depends on who said it. If the person has had a lot of girlfriends before, it is at least plausible that they want to compare you to someone else. In that case, that person is a jerk. If they have had NOONE before, ever, they might be comparing themselves to your other boyfriends, should you have had any.

    As far as advice goes, it's really just look at who asked you. Maybe the situation is something similar to what RPGamer said, maybe the person is just a jerk. I cannot say. All I know is that, unless you are completely sure something is wrong, you shouldn't worry about it. It might have been a slip of the tongue. You never know for sure. What would we give to be omniscient, right?

    • So a guy confessed he liked me ( a lot?) and we've been texting and he just sort of did ask it out of the blue...i was like why? sort of offended and he was just like so we can get to know each other. and he's told me he's had 4 and i told him i haven't had many. honestly actually I've been with one guy who can be considered a bf but he had a lot of problems and i said i couldnt give him that title until he became less of a slacker...but i this guytold him i had 3 almost ones.im pretty out going but shy when it comes to those things so it seems like guys are shocked or something (im nice looking but not like model nice, haha)

    • I apologise for the delayed response.

      It's fairly reasonable to discard nervousness at this point, if only to help narrow down the choices. Note, though, that I don't mean discard as in completely deny the possibility, only to put off to the side. Granted, he might be lying and wants to make himself seem a bit more desirable. There are just too many different sides of the card, too many suits of the same ace.

      To be completely honest, I don't think I know what I can say to help elucidate the matter. Someone else more well-versed in the matter of relationship will be able to help you much more than I. I apologise, again, that I can't be of more help.

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  • Maybe because you're beautiful and he thinks you might have had many bf in the past. I would think the same too, if a girl looked like a model.


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