Should I point out that I want a loyal guy?


I'm 18, and this guy has asked me out and I like him too. In order to mitigate the chances of getting hurt, should I mention to him that honestly/loyalty are the most important traits I seek for in a relationship, and they take precedence over looks, personality, smartness, even kindness. Obviously it would be great if he has all traits.

This might seem a stupid question, but I know that a lot of people don't take relationships seriously and think it's okay to have flings. Sometimes even the wives/girlfriends don't mind if their guy had an affair or one night stand, but that is an instant deal breaker for me.

So.. should I point that out or will I seem kind of stupid in doing that? Maybe it's taken for granted but some guys don't think that way?

I don't know I'm not a guy.. Please tell me!

Thanks :D


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  • Yeah, I think you should bring it up. I had talks with my girlfriends about it and our relationship was loyal and had lots of trust at one point. Hopefully this helps you.


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