Why has my BFF's previous boyfriends been perverted douchebags? Is it just a coincidence? Is there any way to avoid this again?

She dated her first boyfriend in 12th grade (Senior year) and her second boyfriend as a college freshman.

First guy would always tell her about his sexual fantasies of her. Even though she said was abstinent and made it clear it made her uncomfortable, he still on about it anyways.

Second guy asked her out during the spring semester and by the summer told her to put out or he'd find someone who would. Prior to that incident, he was clearly unstable.

Is there any way to avoid this a third time or it is just bad luck?


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  • She wants to avoid men wanting sex?

    Umm sure. Tell her not to date.
    Sex is an extremely important part of any relationship and unless she finds an extremely religious man she'll be out of luck. And even then he'll want to marry rather fast.

    I also find it funny she calls them "perverted douchebags". Tell her to grow up, she's not 15 anymore.

    • "I also find it funny she calls them "perverted douchebags". "
      I find your assumptions to be funny. No, I called them that because they are. Had 0 respect for her choices and other unrelated shit they did revealed how batshit crazy they were.

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    • No. I know a douche when I see one and you're probably a douche yourself. lol

    • And a proud one!! ;)
      Believe what you will. Reality is not going to change itself to accommodate to your perceptions of it.
      Good luck :)

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  • She just needs to find a guy who is genuinely cool with waiting for her to feel comfortable. Or who feels he isn't there yet either.