What does it mean when a guy stares at you?

Alright, so he started staring at me ever since one of my friends introduced us to each other. We didn't really talk that day since it was mostly him and my friend talking (I had just arrived), and at first I thought it was just recognition you know. Like, I would get on the bus one morning and saw him just full staring at me; or when I was heading towards a quiet area to work and instead saw him and his friends, of which the former was full staring again, and... just so many times we've shared these eye raping moments lol. Granted, even though it may seem like he's only staring because I do, it's kind of half and half. Sometimes he would catch me looking at him and vice versa. What do you think? (P.s. we were recently introduced to each other again by a different person, and he and I kind of had a laugh because he mentioned how another person already introduced us, and oh, does him remembering meeting me say anything at all? I'm asking because I met another guy before, and when I met him again he was like, 'it was nice meeting you, _____' lol, but I don't know).

Thanks in advance!


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  • It means he likes you... Or he is zombie planning on having you for lunch.


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  • He knows who you are aparently. It could be that he's interested in you.. But, based on what you have said here, it's not enough to make an conclusion about wether he likes you or not..

    • Yeah, I suppose so haha, at least he knows my existence xD

    • i think he does like you staring like that is intense and means something get to know him better and maybe something good will happen

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