Are there any girls who prefer to be friends first before dating?

I find the whole friendzone thing really shallow and childish. I prefer to become friends with a girl before I consider her as a date, but many girls today seem to just want to be swept off their feet the first time they meet a guy, and if it doesn't happen, they get "friendzoned" permanently. I really can't stand dating such foolish girls, no matter how good looking they are.

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Wow..I'm surprised at the poll results.
Here's my observation from this poll and in real life. Girls from Anglo countries (USA, Australia, Canada etc) don't date guys who they friendzoned.
Girls from the rest of the world prefer to be friends first. No wonder their marriages do better,


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  • ME! I want to be friends first. Just being asked out by a random dude...would be flattering but would also make me wonder why when I could be a crazy person!


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  • All of my past relationships have been friends first, I think it makes you more committed to each other and you have more reason to make it work because you're so much more invested in that person. At least from my experiences anyway :)

  • I prefer to be friends first and then if I like him as a person, I'll date him.. If you jump in a relationship right away just because he's hot or she, it's shallow thinking..

  • I'd feel weird going out with someone I don't know. My attraction towards a person grows with time if anything.

  • There is a difference between being full on friends "friend zoned" and friendly before you ask her out. Friendly is fine because then the female is not getting asked out by a random stranger, which in most cases she would reject anyway. Full on friends for months or years on end and then trying to ask them out? Doesn't work for me either. I can't date a friend. So timing is everything. Don't wait too long to ask them out.

  • i like friend befor anything


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