So I just need some guys advice on this, and girls please!?

So sorry for long story but be patient!

I met a guy on tinder app dating, and i didn't expect it to go well, we went on a date and it was amazing, we had so much fun, he was so easy to be with and it felt so natural. Day after again we went on date, i met his work friends cause he took me to a dinner with them, and than i spendt the night with him at his hotell, no sex, he was respectful about that.

I mention hotell room because he doesn't live in my town, when i met him on tinder he was only in my town for work but i stil went on a date thinking its probably going to be lame.

Weekend after that he was back again for work and we met again, this time he was at my place and spendt the night with me at my place when he could have chosen his hotell room, and he came back the day after.

So far 4 great dates, and i havnt datet a guy this amazing, im 22 and I've never had a boyfriend.

Last date was on Valentine's day, he ditched his work party to be with me and again spendt the night at my place instead of his own hotel room. He told me that night that he likes me and how it sucks that we dont get to spend a lot of time together.
After that amazing date he began to pull away. I noticed he didn't contact me so often and didn't meet me when he was in town, its been 2 times since where he has been in town, so i finally dared to ask him if he still was interested.

He said that he isn't looking for anything serious now because he simply doesn't have the time for it, he works and goes to college, writing his bachelor now and he has applied for his master in another country and in my town, havnt heard anything about him getting accepted in another country, he was going to know about it in march..

But he said he wants to remain friends because he thinks im a cool gir...i mean cool girl? what does that mean.. he said happy birthday to me on my birthday and from time to time "likes" my pictures on facebook, but we havnt spoken since that last talk.

His last and only relationship lastet for 6 years, and broke up last year, she has moved on and is pregnant, so is he interested and was he or is he just over me? did he not like me?
should i delete him from my life+


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  • Sorry to say, It doesn't sound good. In my experience, I have told a few women I would prefer to be friends, or I was too busy for anything serious only after I got what I wanted. Guys can be awesome, the best ever, if they haven't gotten "it" yet. Hopefully I am wrong, but to me, seems he got what he wanted and moved on, may be you should too. Sorry.

    • i know but i mean i know he is busy , why begin dating someone when we dont live in the same town and he might be moving to another country? and he travels a lot and has school on the side

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    • So the thing is the asker had sex with him and then he changed? Is it possible because the sex isn't that amazing? If the sex is amazing guys would usually want more, right?

    • If the sex was bad he would not bothered to go on five dates with me..he would have known by the first time we had sex..
      And he hasn't run away I mean he still "likes " my post etc if he was to ignore me. He wouldn't?

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  • i think you should find someone else. he obviously moved on or busy and may be after he is done with college you could hit it again if you want.

  • he could be a little scared, feeling for you a great deal after a long term relationship is scary as fudge! and maybe he is trying to put his life in order before letting someone else in :3
    best way is to just ask him, set your mind to rest

    • But i mean i already know that by asking if he is interested, he didn't say no or yes but that he isn't looking for anything serious now, but you as a guy would you say he isn't interested?

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    • maybe im making a big deal out of it? i mean is 5 dates a lot to be sad over? did i even mean anything to him?

    • if ya feel sad, ya feel sad :3 im sure ya mean stuff to him, but if it's constant pain and bad feelings he is bringing ya...perhaps just try to enjoy your life :3 if its ment to be, it will be

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  • I personally don't think he is interested. I don't understand why you had to prompt him, in order for him to tell you he had all this other stuff to be getting on with:

    If I was interested in someone, but I couldn't be with them because I had other higher priorities- I would definitely let them know and I wouldn't leave them in any doubt.
    It's odd to me that he became cold all of a sudden.

    • Ye i understand, i talked to him time to time and he wansnt cold at all, but i know he has a lot going on and has had a lot going on, with work and traveling a lot to other countries etc so i know its not easy to keep a relationship and dating going on, and especially when he might move, but same as you i didn't understand why he had to avoid me and not just tell me

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    • You should just ask him, love :)

    • no cause last time we spoke was in April so brining it out is stupid. Maybe im over sensative, and maybe i just should put my feelings aside and be a friend

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