Seeing a girl for 6 months, spoke to her during the week, suddenly no response?

So I've been seeing this girl for about 6 months. It's been rough because we were both in our final year of university so we didn't always have a lot of time for each other. Regardless we continued seeing each other when we could.

We were planning on going out last week but were yet to pick a day. However, on Wednesday I suggested we try and go out on the Friday. She said she might have something else on and she would need to get back to me. Friday comes and goes and there is no indication of whether or not she's free.

So I gave it a couple of days (Sunday) and then sent her a message on Facebook to check in, see if she had fun at her other event, etc.

...complete silence. She's not read the message and she's certainly not replied to it. What bugs me is that I saw her online in the Facebook chat

I don't know if this is just me being paranoid; or if somethings happened to her; or whatever. I know I can't pester her for a response but I am genuinely concerned.



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  • Hi! In my opinion wait and see if she replies back to you this week. Don't keep messaging her... Maybe she's going through something, needs a break or is busy with something :) just wait and see if she replies. If she doesn't reply text her or call her and ask her what's up, and why has she been avoiding you. Did you do anything to upset her? Without meaning to? Us girls are hard to read sometimes and at times we just want to be alone for a couple of days. I hope everything will be okay and that she relies back to you. Good luck :)

    • Thanks for your response @Marry101 :)

      I totally agree that I shouldn't keep messaging her. I've always tried to give her some space so she doesn't feel pressured

      Personally I don't think I did anything to upset her. The only thing I can think of is if she had expected me to chase her up about Friday. Again, I try to give her some space and thought she would contact me once she knew what her plans were. Her phone is also kind of unreliable so it is possible she text me and I never got the message

      Anyway, thanks for your help :)

    • How did everything go? :)
      Did she end up messaging you back?

    • Yeah, she messaged back after a while. Hit a whole new situation now where she more or less said (in the most vague, complicated, and rushed way possible) that she isn't ready for a relationship...actually to be quite honest I have no idea if that is what she was saying but it just felt like that's what it was

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  • Sounds like she's doing the fade out


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