Dominance in the relationship?

I with I female that made me wait for a months before we got together. I took a lot of wooing, flattery and convincing, since we been together she been demanding, manipulative and controlling in a way. Why is this and what can I do to let her know, I have the dick.


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  • You give it to her like no one has ever given it to her.
    That'll shut her up. Lmao.
    You don't play her mind games.
    If you do, she's in control.
    She expects a reaction of you, so don't react. Just blow her off and keep doing your things. Be little her if you will.
    The leader is always calm and logical.


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  • If you have to ask that question, it means you don't have it. She is in control

    • I have it, it's just I rather keep the peace and not be disrespect.

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    • Okay what's your point. You are not consistent, so it doesn't matter. She probably was going to clean the house anyway.

    • Not really I didn't let her go to sleep until it was done.

  • Well..maybe you like it..and just don't know it
    I'm pretty sure if she wasn't the way she was, you wouldn't be interested in her


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  • Haha, "Why is she domineering and how can I tell her I AM DOMINEERING?" Heh... That's cute.

    • Why tho.

    • The reason is that you played the power game. She has lead you throughout the whole time, and you followed faithfully on the leash until she "allowed" you to simply become her official puppy choosing you from the litter of other men you were competing with. You must be the cutest I guess.

    • I love this advice. "Be rough!", I can't understand not being dominant or respected. I've never had this problem. You're a pussy XD

  • Say "Woman, make me a sammich!"

  • Your relationship is a joke, and all your future relationships will be, if you maintain that mentality.

    • What mentality?

    • "I have the dick, therefore I *MUST* have the CONTROL over MY girlfriend and MY relationship"

      Sexist and thinks of the other person as nothing but property, not even a human just a fulfillment of a concept to fill up your internal void. Not an equal and healthy relationship at all. As I said, it is a joke.

    • Honestly, any relationship with control issues and power struggles is bound to fall apart, because they're unhealthy and the people attempting to maintain it are ridiculously immature.