How long does it take a guy to get over a girl?

People say he still cares about me...but he told me to "get the h*** outta his d*** life" :/


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  • Depends on precisely why they broke up and exactly what she brought to the table during their time together.
    If she left a bad taste in his mouth or really harmed his psyche, he's more likely to get over her quickly and even if he doesn't fully get over her, he will never view her with the same amount of love, respect, and trust he once did/will have convinced himself that she absolutely must never be apart of his life.

    • omg thanks so much !

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    • i agree (: thanks <3 you really helped me out

    • No prob! Now go experience better men! Whoo! :D

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  • depends on the guy and how much he cared about you

  • Depends on how long he stays single after the break up


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