I don't know what I'm doing wrong?


I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I'm always friendzoned. After I meet a girl, I can't get outside the friendzone. Ex.: I set a kind of date but I always get a no with false excuses even if in person this girl seem enjoying my presence. I can't balance between the "guy who's trying to hard" and the "guy who's just looking for a friendship". I feel like when I was younger my personnality was more appreciated. Now I'm kind of lost and consequently I do not know how to act. Well, to sum up, I'm just tired of being in this situation... but I can't get out of.



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  • try to come on to her more stronger. but not too strong. women like to feel like their being fought for. it's even ok to ask her if she any sort of feelings, only do that if your sure of your feelings. dont be to nice. i find when guys are to nice, girls kinda brush them off. but if your the guy who is kinda mysterious you will attract girls very much. but dont continue with that because in the end, there's a chance the girl is going to think your a player


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  • The "friendzone" is this imaginary state of denial where people simply don't want to accept the fact that someone they're interested will not return a romantic nor sexual interest back. Instead of just accepting it and moving forward with their journey, they insist on sitting around, trying to get someone to be into them, and feeling horrible when their desire still isn't being reciprocated. If someone is not into you romantically then do yourself a favor and don't put yourself through the agonizing torture of trying to win a losing challenge.

    Now, in your particular case, you seem to be trying to do some mind reading lol? If you want results, you're going to have to have some courage and openly communicate with this girl to know exactly how she feels about you. If she doesn't like you like that, then so what! Don't take it personally...maybe she's just into someone else


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