By these signs does he like me?

So this guy and i have dated and he has slept over a couple of times but he gets up early at like 6 to go to his meetings, he comes to my town for work meetings and instead of sleeping at his hotel room he sleeps at my place, but he also usually shares a hotel room with his partner, but i mean he could leave after sex and go to his hotel so he doesn't have to get up early right?

well last time we spendt the night together, it was intense sex and we both i think developed feelings, it was cuddling and kissing and sex, and before he had to leave he turned off his alarm and put 10 extra to just cuddle with me in bed before he had to go, and when i texted him and asked if he got to his meeting, he said yes but im a bit tired but i had an amazing night last night, and had a kiss smiley..

so he is interested?

but with all this said it was the last date we had and he pulled away after that date..telling me he isn't looking for anything serious now because he has a lot going on with work and school and not knowing where he will go to school, he doesn't live in my town


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  • Clearly he used you, maybe in the beginning he had feelings but i dont think he does naymore. it's typical for guys to play stupid games like that. dont bother with him if this continues. you need to find someone that will try to make time with you no matter how busy they are. women are supposed to feel valued not used.