Why do cheaters care about their first love if they were always going to be narcissistic anyways?

Why do they want their first loves back if they will cheat on them too? Were they always cheaters or did it happen when they had a bad experience and that's why they became that way?


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  • This is something I have wondered myself.

    I wonder in a more broad sense of same question are bad people simply born bad people or do they become bad people in response to pain and bad things being done to them.

    I was cheated on by my first love and it did not make me a cheater. Hurt me a lot and made me very very slow to try to date again. Though did not change who I am in the way I view relationships.

    I always kind of want to believe that there is no such thing as bad people just people who do bad things because they dont know how to handle/deal with pain they have felt.

    I do fear that I may just be making excuses for people because I want the world to be a pretty place where everyone can be helped.

    • Exactly my mom encountered a lot of physical abuse yet she's the kindest person ever. She never beat my sister and I where she would leave bruises or any of that. We got a spank on the butt if we did something from young to about 9. After that all she would do was talk to us if we did something bad. Than I have a cousin who got beat from her mom and she did the same to my second cousin (her daughter). She had rage and when I would be playing with my little cousin she would come home from work. At 7 years old I knew I had to leave the room because I knew my little cousin was going to get it. She would pick her up from her overall's suspenders and throw her against the wall at 4 years old. After that she would tell her if she did anything wrong she will punch her in the face at 4 years old. Today my little cousin is 23 and beautiful. Yet she has low self esteem after all that happened. Yes that's the same with me I have been cheated on but haven't become one.

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    • You know there was a very good show on this with Dr. Phil. A young woman was scared about people putting her down. She said she learned not to get abused by doing it to other people before they did it to her.

    • I guess best bet then is when people act wrong to you show them love.

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