Do you think its normal for a guy to not initiate contact after an AMAZING first date bc he is out of town visiting family he hasn't seen in 6 months?

Easy conversation.
Finishing each other's sentences.
three hour date that ended at midnight.
roughly ten minute make out session afterwards.
Mentioned he had a really good time.
Kissed me again before he left.

Notes: He had my number for almost a week before texting me to set up date 1.
-Texts that were sent were minimal and just to arrange when we were meeting.
-Mentioned during the date that he was going to be out of town this weekend visiting home (on the opposite coast) and hanging with family he hasn't seen in 6 months.
-His birthday is also next week.
-It's been four days since our date and he left the day after.
-He did respond to one text I sent him as a funny follow up question to our date but hours after i sent it.

  • Is it possible he's totally into me but I'm just not in the forefront of his mind because he's at home?
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  • As long as he's in the country, he can text you to at least check in….he's not interested enough
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  • Don't stress, he's going to text you when he's free!
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  • Girl, just text him to see how he's weekend at home is going!
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  • Given the circumstances, I think it's normal. He'll contact you
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What Guys Said 1

  • Initiating contact can be hard. Just like compliments.

    No one wants to be rejected and most people are not very honest with themselves about fear of rejection.

    My advice is open the door if they dont come through you have answer but you like someone then make it easy for them to tell you they like you.

    Family visit is plenty good reason that he may not have contacted but on same hand would have been nice and no surprise if he had.

    My suggestion text him. I had a really good time other night. Was refreshing to be out with such a charming handsome man.(or whatever compliment fits) I hope you are having a good visit with family. I would really like to see you again when you get back.

    You open yourself to rejection and you will get answer. May not always be answer we hope for though this route has the highest percentage chance of you getting the response you are hoping for.


What Girls Said 1

  • he is will family catching up; just relax. He did tell you he was going out of town

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