Girls & Guys: Does anyone still go on actual real dates anymore?

Just out of curiosity. It seems a lot of people I have talked too, don't actually go on real dates anymore. When I talk to some people about relationships or I ask them if they are dating anyone, they just say their "talking to someone". Then the next time I talk to them they are in a realtionship with the person but never seemed to actually have went on a date. In one of my previous classes our teacher actually asked the class if anyone goes on dates but no one really raised their hand. It doesn't seem to me that anyone really goes on actual dates anymore.

Why is this? Am I the only person who notices this? Do you guys/girls still go on actual dates?
Thanks for your answers. :)


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  • yes people go out on dates, they just might not label them as such.

    • oh okay, well Why don't they label it though?

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    • okay then, thanks. :)

    • no problem

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  • I actually like going to the park with the person I like, watching movies together, cooking things together and more
    It's always good to be with the person you like

  • I don't bother with dates or even relationships anymore. I just go for one-night stands and prostitutes. I'm not even kidding.


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  • Me and my boyfriend, pretty much every time we see each other it is while we're on a date. We don;t really have a place to go so we'll do dinner and a movie or go to a park or just drive around in his truck.