Met a guy, connected, what happened?

So I met a guy and we decided to meet at a show. We had a really great time, danced, talked about thoughtful things, and he kissed me before we left. I was getting the vibe that he was interested seeing as we have the same interests and he complimented me a few times. I was really liking him and was super excited to see him again. Thing is, that didn't happen. I texted him the day after saying Hey! and I never got a response. This confused the hell out of me because there clearly was a connection the previous night. It's been a week since we met and the only contact is through snapchat stories which probably means nothing. But yeah, I'm a bit bummed and really think he's great. Yeah, he's probably not interested then..but I'm not sure why seeing as we had such a great time that night. He said it himself too. I kind of want to text him again to see what happens. I feel like I just need to be sure he's not interested. But how do I do this casually..and not randomly? I don't wanna give off the vibe that I'm needy or whatever. I just need some help with this whole thing all together. It's obviously not that serious seeing as we met once but..yeah I just need help. lol Thanks!


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  • He is probably dating other girls

  • Hmm this is what I would do.

    I would wait a little while first. Like a week or so.

    Then try texting but don't just say hey again. Ask him to get coffee or soemthing. If he doesn't reply to that he's def not interested

    You don't look super needy either because you waited to contact him.

    But hopefully he will contact you in that tome