Does he really like me or he just play with me?

well, it is our second formal date, we knew each other in online date site, the first date he was not more talkative, so I used to not expect too much for our second one, he had his own plan to meet his friends in a nightclub, but he was not sure if I would like to go with him, cuz I said that I am not typical party girl. I was thinking of know more friends due to i'm new to the city when he told me he wanted to introduce me to his friend.

we live in the same community, he picked me up, after I got on the car, I found he became more aggressively to talk with me, we went to a bubble tea store which it is his favorite, then drive to beach, wandered for a while before dinner. he asked me there might be some weird and creepy guys in the bar, if someone let me feel uncomfortable, just let him know. it was windy and chilly in the night, he put on his jacket to me, all of things gave me a good impression. And things went fast in the bar, we met his friends, a few guys and girls, he and his friends bought alcohol for us, we got together to dance , or chat beside the fireplace, laster his friend went away and left us, it was so crowded in the bar, he started to hold my hands when walk through people, I got a little tipsy after a few shots, he hugged me from behind, hold my waist, when we danced with music, he cuddled me close, and he kissed me when I held his neck put me head on his shoulder, then I got a little shy, turned my head away, and he kissed my cheek. I felt we got more closer that night, when his friends came back to find us, they whispered with him, and teased us, praised him to me that he is really a good guy, and one of his female friends asked me if he is my bf. when I told my friends about this , she cannot take it , thought it is too fast, she said she will never allow the guy do that to her in second date, I agreed with her, but felt guilty cuz I did not feel any uncomfortable when he did above physical contact to me. I do not know if I am doing wrong


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  • asked to see you after nightclub? Obviously a booty call especially he's DRUNK! Just tell him you don't feeling like going out after 10 or something. I met a guy online too. similar situation. If he really likes you and respect you, he would ask you out in a day time after you said your rules.


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  • it was a bit too fast yeah

    • it was, but luckily we had our third date, we live so close, from my apt to his just cross street, we had a dinner, and wandering in the shopping center nearby, once I stumbled and almost fell, he grabbed my hands, then let his go his hold, he went to my apt help me register vehicle account (I opened door to cool down my apt), he did nothing, I visited his apt, and we had a movie night. The things goes well, now it becomes a normal date, i guess he realized and cared about how I was feeling.

    • yeah maybe

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