What Are Things Guy Fall In Love With In Girls?

Ok Well Its Been about half a year I've been talking to this guy whom i have started to like but i get mixed signals all the time from him there are days i feel he really wants me emotionally and days i feel he only wants me Sexually. But we have Never had sex, made out or anything like that. Well i just want to know what are some things that guys love from a girl and how i can get this guy to like me emotionally.


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  • Well, honestly if we're all honest I think it's a safe generalisation that physical attraction is what starts a relationship in most cases, but when it comes to building an emotional connection you have to work for it. So essentially what you'll be doing is talking. You'll need to do a LOT of talking in order to build your relationship. Communication is key. Talk to him, see what you both want, discuss how to get there, try things out and just generally being a couple. As for what guys fall for I can guarantee you'll get 1 000 000 different answers here, but I like a girl who can: hold a conversation, support her own beliefs and won't change herself for me. I like a girl who is her and will let me love her for that. Not sure if that makes sense, but I hope this helped.


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  • The best thing you can do is to be his friend. Listen to him, joke with him, be playful but not desperate and get him to open up to you. You want him to confide in you and trust you, and often those are building blocks for a real emotional and deep connection.

  • For me, it's a mix of beauty, charm, intellect and personality, along with similar values.


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