Why do people just cut all contact with a person rather than just telling the person that they are no longer interested.?

like if people are dating why would you just not tell the person that you aren't clicking or something and should move on from each other (or however you would word it)

The way people do it now seems rude. (just ending all contact) without saying something or why.

am i the only one who feel this way? i would rather be told that we aren't fit for each other than just put off randomly like that. it just has that cowardly vibe to it.


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  • I've had that happen to me recently.
    The thing is he had given ME his number, chased me and everything.
    It is cowardly. I was so pissed because instead of getting closure I had to waste all those stupid weeks of wondering wth I did wrong not to mention the other guys I could've been getting to know who were showing obvious interest. It was messed up. I lost any respect for him I had left. Not to mention he made it unnecessarily awkward for himself and me for the next time I see him, if I do.
    I felt stupid and like I made the worst mistake of my life, which it probably was. Now I'm more cautious.

    • Yea i just had this happen to me too. and this is a really sucky feeling. i get that the person no longer wants to have contact with me. ok. but how hard is it to just tell the other person that. so as you said, we can see what we did wrong and what not.

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    • I logged in just to upvote this answer. ^_^
      Exact same thing happened to me recently.
      I missed a shot at a great relationship worrying about some loser..!
      You're not alone

    • Thanks.
      I'm sorry yet feel better in knowing I'm not alone.

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  • because the person is afraid to hurt the person's feelings (even if its already done)

    • thats the irony in it. by taking the coward way out its seems like they are doing that + More.

    • yeah..but people tend to chose the easy way (runaway)

  • Depends on how the relationship ends...was it on good terms or bad? If there were no issues and they just cut you out for good then it's not decent. But if things were screwed up and frustration sets in and both are aware it's obvious why they cut off contact.

  • I completely agree with you. I've noticed it too, it's rude and cowardice!

    • as we text more it seems like this problem is getting worse and worse. in any case its that person loss.

    • So true. I would bluntly call that person a coward too. They should know.

  • Those people are cowards and they are probably waiting until they found someone else to date but those type of people always get dumped when they do that or ignored themselves by the person they actually like

  • I rather not tell them or make up an excuse

    • But why? To cover your own ass?

    • That's cowardly. It's unfair to that person too. You will end up being hated instead of respected. But if that's what you want whatever.

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  • It is rude and I hate it.. in some situations it really is emotional abuse.

  • A lot of women have a tendency to be cowards. It comes with their insecurity, etc.

    • as a guy im clearly talking about the women i met. but at the same time the reason why i didn't just blindy say "women" only is cause i know guys do it too. lets not only blame one side here.

    • That's a nice politically correct statement, but as a guy who has known hundreds of women personally, I think a lot of them have cowardly tendencies.

    • Courage is a virtue, I'm not gonna lie.
      But it's a virtue that both men AND women equally fail at obtaining.
      In my case, it's actually my best virtue.