Did he say I was ugly/didn't like me because?

This guy asked me out in front of some of our peers and I said no and he said ok whatever and acted like it wasn't a big deal. Later I heard him tell his friends that I was "ugly" and that he "didn't like me" and that he was "kidding"when he asked me out. But we are 17 so I'm pretty sure he wasn't kidding. I haven't heard of anyone pretending to ask anyone out since middle school. Did he say all that because I rejected him or does he actually think I'm ugly and doesn't like me?

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  • LOL. i can't believe that you actually needed a poll for this. :P
    sweetheart, he's just a sore loser! It obviously hurt his ego in front of his friends that I girl he asked out, rejected him. He obviously thought you would say yes otherwise, he wouldn't have done it publicly...and hence, he just covered up saying you were ugly and that he wasn't interested...
    He wouldn't have asked you out if you were ugly and if he didn't like you no matter what the situation! He's just bluffing!!


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  • I don't think your ugly!


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