HELP! Two guy, and no idea what to do?

So here's my deal I have been single for a while and am dating...but recently there has been two guys...

Guy #1, a grad student like myself (but in medical school and thus busier). I am very attracted to him, love to talk to him, feel 100% myself around him. Met him through a friend and was thrilled. he's a fourth year med student and thus super busy. But we have had three dates. After the first two there was a lull, but then a week and half latter I got a big I am sorry text that sounded legit. We had another great date Friday. I have no idea what he wants and I dont' want to be some girl he calls once and a while. But its far to early (I think to place demands). I don't know though what do you think how and when can I get the point it doesn't have to be serious but I want to be more then someone he calls when he has nothing to do?

During this lull I met another guy, Guy #2 he's got a real career already out of grad school. But he smokes, and drinks ALOT. He is really nice my feelings aren't the same. But because he's so nice I told him his habits didn't bother me (yes I know terrible). When in all reality with my educational demands they kind of do. I need to break it off with him because he lives 20 minutes out of town, I am under pressure in school, and can't live the way he does, but I've been leading him on. There has only been two dates but he's already told me he likes me. He called me last night and I talked to him and then I lay awake because I knew I shouldn't be doing this I have to do something. I feel terrible! How do I do it? I know its only been two dates but I am not the one who normally does this, its usually done to me.

This sucks because the guy I like, I am not sure how much I mean too, and the one whose too into me wants me badly. HELP.


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  • You shouldn't feel bad breaking it off with guy number 2.I mean you was very nice and genorous giving him a chance even though he isn't your type.Even if things worked out with him getting over the smoking and drinking thing would be hard if you and him are totally opposite. You can always ignore his calls and text and he would eventually get the hint not to call again.That is the least confrontationly way to do it without saying not to talk to you no more.You can also say you just want to be friends only because you don't want a relationship which is a good excuse.

    Guy number 1 you can try to wait it out and give it more time.I would suggest you keep your options open and go on more dates in the mean time.And you shouldn't feel bad if you have to reject a guy.If a guy does something that bothers you like smoking, etc then it will not work out.


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