He won't understand and feels bad now?

The guy I have been seeing (my ex) was joking around saying I'm sad all the time (I have anxiety and depression). I was like 'nah I wasn't when we were together'.
He is now really offended by this and won't speak to me. I have been cuddling him but he is ignoring me. He feels that I meant the only time I'm happy is when we are together and that he is the cause of my issues.
He isn't but he does make me happy and I explained this but he won't have a bar of it. Help?


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  • He sounds extremely immature if he is going on a ignore rampage over that. It's so freaking minor and silly. If you've explained this to him before then there's nothing else you can. He needs to get over it then. I'm sure he's just looking for excuses to get attention from you. I'd never ever ignore someone I truly care about over such a minor incident. Not even a ex. I would also not be interpreting it as anything negative.

  • You need to tell him that you are happy when you're with him but it's because he helps YOU feel better. When dealing with anxiety and depression, you cannot allow someone else be the source of your happiness because if they leave someday, you'll be crashed. You need to prioritize yourself! He helps you in your recovery, and that's what you need to explain to him. I'm confused as to why he wouldn't understand that seeing as it's quite a compliment on your behalf. Talk to him! You can't expect to make him understand without communication.

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