Baby mama drama? Is it just me or is it really her?

My boyfriend has 4 kids 2 from his first relationship 15+ then 2 from his first marriage of 6yrs...the 2nd baby mama is constantly hanging out with the first baby mamas kids more than my boyfriends does. It has only been a recent thing (her hanging with them) and also both baby mamas have recently become bffs over the course of a few bf and i have been together for 5mths and his divorce is almost final. The 2nd baby mama talks trash about me behind my not sure what her deal is, i feel like she is still trying to stay attached to my bf is some weird sense, shouldn't she be moving on?its just really annoying


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  • You're only 25 to 29.

    You realize you don't have to deal with this, right?

    • Deal with what?the baby mama?

    • All this drama.

      Find a guy your age without 4 kids.

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  • Ok I have 4 kids and I am divorced two live withme two with my ex my oldest is 14 and for the drama ignore her she thinks she knows u from what the kids said most llikely and she isn't over him now in my situation its baby daddy drama or I should say it was my ex kept tryin to run off my new boyfriend well my boyfriend had a heart to heart with him snd told him that he ain't goin anywhere and he needs to just except that were going to be together and get over it

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