How can I be the girl that every guy wants?

What are some very desirable traits in girls? I know some of you will say "oh, no need to change yourself. you're perfect the way you are." Keep in mind im not trying to change who I am. Im just trying to pick up better habits that will make me more desirable.


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  • Look at princess fiona in the shrek.

    I'm not being sarcastic. Look at the human version. She is easily better than any of the Disney princesses.
    Apart from the beauty. She is smart. Out going, respect elders, friendly, funny- she can burp or have a sense of humor, she sacrifice a big thing for love, charming, healthy as she is into martial arts, the list goes on and on. Just watch shrek 1 n 2 to study her character and also enjoy the movie!

    What I really admire is she can be beautiful rich and famous but gave it all up for love and She is happy. Even if you have a fraction of those characteristics it is enough for what every guy wants.


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  • 1. Be clean: personal hygiene & your room.
    2. Don't be gross. Girls are sweet, spice, & everything nice.
    3. Don't be flashy or always seeking attention.
    4. Be very respectful of boundaries; don't dress raunchy and party like a rock star when you're in a relationship. Some guys are cool with that but not all and it plants the seed of doubt.
    5. Know how to cook.
    6. Be affectionate.
    7. Be understanding.
    8. Be friendly; how you treat others matters.

  • No one is perfect, no where near it. In fact, most people suck.
    You can't be the girl for everyone cause there's too much variety in taste out there, its just impossible.

    If you want to be attractive in the general way tho, be fit, healthy, dress decently, and be nice to people.

  • You can't. You are born hot or not. End game.

  • sweet, affectionate, mysterious and a quality of being stand out in the crowd


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  • no one can be the girl EVERY guy wants that's impossible

    but keep in very good physical shape. all body types are different but if u work out you'll attract plenty of guys who like ur figure

    wear cute feminine clothes

    have nice hair

    smell good

    nails and toes done

  • every guy doesn't want the same thing. However all you have to be is drop dead gorgeous and amazing in bed. Your personality won't matter much, as many men and women for that matter will let a SHITTON slide before they'd get tired of you.

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