We went out for few days, now she does not reply?

I met this girl online, then we met for coffee.. and spend some great time..
and we met again twice or thrice
We go to same gym.. and have met their twice..
She also asked me to do yoga with her..
then we made plan for this Sunday , but then she did not reply to me when i tried contacting her..
again on Sunday , she did not reply to me till evening and in the evening , she replied - I am busy

then today again i messaged her and called her but no response.

What should i do?


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  • Stop trying to contact her and take the hint.

    • Ohh, but we had good time, and even she sent me messages like had a great time and stuff

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    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Don't contact her again, she has no interest in you.


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  • did she not replied you up to this time?

    • She replied once saying she is busy with exams, when i asked that she should tell me if she is ignoring..

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    • It was understood , so no problem, there ;)

    • good luck to you

  • she probably has a boyfriend or is very busy, I wouldn't contact her again until she replies back

    • She does not have a boy friend , she already told me that

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    • sometimes it's better to just not think about it and get on with life

    • Yes, i hope I am able to do that :)