How can a girl learn to "play a player"?

Girls have been getting played by guys since the beginning of time. How can we turn the tables?


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  • All you have to do is not be fooled. Players are cunning and manipulative and they know exactly what to say to us to get us to fall for them. To play a player, we just have to see through the bullcrap. Which can be difficult, but if you know the guy then you can be prepared.

    For example, I once dated a bad boy (only once, fortunately haha) and he said all the right things. He acted sweet with an endearing touch of insecurity, and I fell for the trap. Well, not completely - I wasn't stupid enough to sleep with him, but I was stupid enough to date him. Anyways, after we broke up, it became clear from the way he talked to me that he thought he could still have me anytime. So I made it clear that I didn't. I wasn't rude or anything, but I didn't show any interest in his life or spending any time with him.

    It went like this:
    Him: Hey!
    Me: Hey.
    Him: I heard you're moving.
    Me: Yep.
    Him: Well that's sad.
    Me: Not really.
    Him: Well my number's still the same.
    Me: Alright.
    Him: Can I have a hug?
    Me: Ok.

    And that was the last time I heard from him.


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  • By not trying to become a player yourself since it makes you just as bad as the guy playing you.

    Players don't care about how women feel. They just play girls for sex and move on. Trying to play him just gives him another chance to fuck you.

  • The very fact you have to ask shows you lack the inherent savvy to ever do so. No such instruction guide would ever be handed out else us (the men you loathe so much) would just change tactics.

  • By being mature and not playing the fucking game.

    Luckily for women, most already are well equipped in the maturity department, so this tends to not be an issue.

  • Marriage. y'all have been doing it since the beginning of time too.


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  • Grab both your hands and start drumming on his head while he's playing a guitar. That's how you play a player

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