Why do men always think there is something better out there?

Dating in Chicago has proven pretty fruitless. It seems because we are in a big city, it's been easy for (late 20s early 30s) guys to break up with me citing "I just feel like there is someone better out there for me" (generally preceded by a nice connection and usually right around the 3 month mark). Does being in a big city with the huge pool to choose from make it infinitely harder to see that the person you're dating is a great catch? If a girl hits 98/100 points on your checklist, are you constantly thinking about the possibility of that magical 100/100?


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  • It sounds like you are meeting people who are not that into you, or they are just hanging around to see if you are going to put out.

    I dont look for 100/100, because if you are then looking for 100/100 match, you are looking for a unicorn. This isn't an MMORPG, so the chance to find that are slim to none.

    If someone says I think there is someone better out there, then they are not that interested in you, hanging out with you to see if they can sleep with you, or they are just hanging out with you til they find someone they like better.

    It has nothing to do with being in a big city. I live in a big city and people are just stupid when it comes to dealing with other people. If you dont like someone, then you dont like someone. There doesn't have to be a big song and dance about it. Some people are just not compatible.


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  • Maybe there is.
    The problem is that they are deluded if they think they can score girls out of their leagues with a sour personality like that. If you would leave your girl for somebody else you're an ass.