Is it better to communicate with women you only know personally?

As a young man, I only interact with women I know personally (women in my family only). I don't talk to women I don't know because I want to avoid going to jail, avoid sexual harrassment charges, being called a rapist, being called a stalker, and being called a creep. I know I sound paranoid and I am for good reason. If a woman I don't know sits next me, I get up and move. If a woman I don't know speaks to me, I ignore her and keep going about my business. With so many laws to protect women, befriending them in public is not a good idea because I don't want to scare them. Not worth the risk. Is it best to talk to women you know personally only?


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  • as long as everything works fine for you its okay dude...seems like you live in a strict country where there are laws protecting women..or you might come from India because of the fear of going to jail due to sexual all depends on the women if she will consider you as creepy or not..but its your decision to remain on the safe side..i respect it as in this way you will be sure about her reaction if you already know her


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  • what laws to protect women? even convicted rapists rarely face decent sentences, and only a small percent of rapists ever go to jail. you can stalk a woman as long as you don't hurt her. you can harass women on the street and no one does a thing. whether a husband can rape a wife is still under question. trust me, even if you were a rapist, you'd be the one being protected.
    don't go around talking to random busy women, that's rude, but ''i shall never speak to a woman again'' is a bit of an overreaction, but fine by me, it's better than the creeps who follow me home trying to ''flirt with me''


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