He's back on the dating app, things are great between us, what does it mean?

We met at this dating app, both looking for a serious relationship. Connected on several mutual interests, even found out we have mutual friends. I'm really into him now, after two great dates. We talk every day, he talks about our future dates, but yesterday I felt a bit of a distance.. just a feeling I don't know how to put into words.. a weird hunch sent me back to the dating app, and indeed he's still active there.. in fact it tells you when.. (1h ago was pretty conclusive) even though things are going great between us.
Now, before you make a psycho chick with extra high expectations out of me, I know, alright, I know it's only been 2 dates, no time. But I feel pushed away, I don't feel like he's into me like I was into him up until that discovery, as a matter of fact I don't even wanna talk to him right now. I've found someone so special that shares almost all my interests, my undeground secret songs that I love, he treats me with respect and honors my boundaries, hints about the future, shares intimate details about his life.. and is crazy handsome... and I'm supposed to be OK with the fact he's initiating contact with other cool single women? I don't get it.. and all that after telling me he'd be bummed if I went on a date with another guy, after our first one.
There is attraction, though we're taking things slow, not hurrying to get naked. We did share a pretty awesome kiss though.
So I really don't get it. Guys, please help me understand. Is this some weird psychology of fear of loosing control, is he not interested in me.. is this something else?
Please help. Thank you.


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  • its been two dates... just chill.. he's still single so he's still free. maybe wait after few more dates

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