Confused on this long distance relationship situation. Can someone with experience help?

I'm in a long distance relationship with a girl. She lives about 7 hrs away. We're exclusive essentially, as we've both stated we haven't hooked up with anyone since we've met online 6-7 months ago. We haven't met in person but are planning to soon. Also, she said it'll work as long as we both work at it.

We're both sexually attracted to each other and love sending pictures. The other day before we went to bed she texted "Okay goodnight love you"

Then "...nevermind my bad"

I texted her saying I loved her too and she was really happy to hear it because that's how she felt and she didn't think I would say it back.

I'm starting to overthink things and read too much into texts. Sometimes I feel like she's not into texting and I get discouraged thinking she might not like me anymore. So last night I didn't respond to her text.

1. What did her text messages mean?
2. How do I stop psyching myself out in these situations? I love her!


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  • You just need to chill out and don't overthink stuff lol. I was recently in a long distance relationship and sometimes you just won't get a response for a little bit. You just have to keep communication but don't worry about her not liking you anymore.

    • Okay so just don't assume the worst? I guess I was just worried because she wasn't as excited in text as usual. What do you think of the love thing?

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    • She probably said never mind because she didn't know how you would react to her saying that. Once you said it back, like you've already figured out, she was happy. So yeah she loves you but I guess didn't want to scare you off by saying it.

    • Yeah sometimes you just need a little time to yourself

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  • Just don't overthink it :) You can try and go Skyping with her if you want, so you can also see her expressions =)

    • She doesn't want to Skype right away. Wasn't sure if it was my low self esteem side of me, but sometimes I'm scared she'll lose interest

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    • Thanks!! :). I'm pretty happy she said she loved me :)

    • If someone says she loves you, she probably will for a long time =)

  • she's just being a normal girl ahahaha dont overthink!


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  • 1) She felt it was too soon to say the L word, and it might have scared you off. She was glad it didn't.

    2) There's no trick to doing this. You learn not to, when your psyching has cost you a couple of really good girls.