Is he telling the truth about this message on Facebook?

My bf keeps all of his text messages and Facebook messages. A few months ago I noticed he deleted these text messages from a girl he use to talk to. I though they were talking but he got his cell phone bill up online and showed me it. They were never talking as I didn't see her number there. Another thing with facebook. I noticed he deleted an inbox of a girl he use to talk to. He told her happy birthday and asked her if she wanted to be to a wedding. This was all before we were dating. Well I noticed a month or so ago that the messages were gone. When i asked him about it he first said he didn't delete them then said he deleted them because it meant nothing and was stupid. I'm just wondering why he would keep all the other messages from.people including girls but delete this one?

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  • Has he given you any other reason to be suspicious? This wasn't his friend, it was someone he asked on a date. He has you now, why keep her messages? I think you're jumping to conclusions and you need to be careful asking him about this stuff. If he feels like you're accusing him, he's going to get sick of it real quick. Why are you looking through his phone and FB messages anyway?

    • Well I'm insecure and have trust issues from guys in the past. He hasn't really given me a reason to not trust him. Because when I thought he was lying about something he wasn't n was actually telling the truth. I just don't get why he keeps other messages from girls and deletes this one? When one of the other girls he wrote to he just said happy birthday and couple other things. I know I shouldn't look through his phone but he let me since I have trust issues I feel better after checking. Sounds dumb I know.