Girls will you get attract & accept a guy who studied less that you? Like you are CPA/CA and the guy is Grad MBA?

The Question says it all... girls above age 23 are suitable in answering... girls while studying with the guy in college you both be equals... now you both work together and u are above him in both in level and grade. but you are attracted to him... naturally you earn more than him... will you accept him and his love due to this only fact?

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I dont believe the fact that ladies agree. Are u serious ladies? U love to marry a guy who is less than ur designation and pay grade?


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  • considering as though my boyfriend barely made it through high school and i'm salutatorian of my class going off to a private college (and later a university) to get my masters degree in a promising career field... i wouldn't really care honestly.

    • Say u are seeing a guy for the first time in office and u see him smart into martial arts shuttling betwn office and arts. Won medals recently in ur team he is 5'9" 215 pounds. He is a level below and also below ur pay grade. Will u get attracted to him? Dont u think what would ur parents will say a guy less in grade than u?

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    • Yah i am... so only worried before opening up... girls here most likely cases are either right frm stsrt they will be clear. marry a guy her dad chooses. Or they try out and then think our parents won't agree so. They hide their feelings. Else they might have got hurt big time in past. So they will rrisde with parents choice not to overgo another heart break. :-) all down to parents still. I am sick of girls here. They want equality in evrythng. But not fighting for it by choosing the guy of their liking

    • I am not lower than her in any aspects in life. Only in the pay grade and designation. Thats due to studies. I am smart athletic and built 5'9" 216 pounds. I knw martial arts... etc..

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