His mother hates me? Please tell me if you think I am out of order for feeling so hurt?


Can you believe my boyfriend's mother hates me and doesn't even know me? I am no longer welcome at their house because she overheard him on the phone to me after he cancelled a date 25 minutes before he was due to pick me up, VIA TEXT MESSAGE. It was rude so I called him and told him I wasn;t impressed. Next thing, I am told I am no longer allowed to call their landline or stay over. Nice huh? Then this weekend she sends him a text message asking if there were any nice women at MY friend's wedding!!! I mean how low is that?
He doesn't want to start any arguments with her, but what can he do? any ideas? am I being unfair asking him to have my back?


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  • He needs to tell his mother that she owes you an apology. You deserve at least an explanation for such rudeness. And that if she has some sort of unresolved problem, it is wrong for her to make it your problem.

    But if things cannot get resolved, inquire with him if he feels it's truly still worth it for the two of you to be romantically involved. And if not, stay good friends but realize that you cannot be more. If his mother is going to act like a complete lowlife, then the last thing you want is to become a daughter-in-law.

    Today, she's being a rude bitch. Tomorrow, she's putting antifreeze in your orange juice. Just let that sink in.

    • Unless I'm mistaken, his mother wasn't rude to her directly, she simply unwelcomed her from visiting and entering her home through her son, and also, his mother has the right to her opinion and decision without providing an explanation, regardless if it's right or wrong to others. Sure, an explanation would be the respectable thing to do, but it is not required. Thus, she doesn't owe an apology to anyone. And what's more, she is not dating his mother, she is dating him, the son. So, as long as his mother respects her, her space, and their boundaries, there is no need to dump the guy if his mother continues to dislike her. Do you not agree?

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    • Oh and also, I am never going to his house again. I have told him this. He seems to respect my decision but I feel like she has won.

    • I'd be up in her face, demanding she give a reason, and telling her to quit being a psycho. Her son is growing up. She needs to accept that, and stop treating you like a felon. Explain herself, or get out of the way.

      And if that doesn't work, then I don't know if anything will. But watch your back. If she's treating you this abusively now, she may try to murder you later. Some women are just plain evil.

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  • Given the fact that his mother know little you, it would be of little surprise if he was very critical of you and your reaction to his mother after he cancelled his plans with you last minute.

    And by the sounds of it, it may have not been the first time he has voiced a negative view of you to her. Thus, her sudden disapproval of you may have actually not been so sudden at all. Which would also make any contention to defend you to her contradictory and pointless.

    Nonetheless, in accordance with most relationships, you are being reasonable. He should have your back. And although he can't force his mother to like and accept you, he should not enable her to disrespect his relationship with you.

    Having said that, start nothing, do nothing, say nothing to her unless she directly addresses you, even then, be mature about it the situation, even if she is not. It's his mother, he should stand up for his relationship to his family. End of story.


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  • She's probably ain't getting dick from her husband. So she's mad