Did he lose interest? Or is he waiting for me to make the move now?

This guy I have been back and forth with is giving me mixed signals now. Before he would tell me all the time how beautiful I was, got jealous about other guys and complimented and stared at me alot. Even saying he feels a close connection to me. He always would says he loves me all the time, now he doesn't do any of that stuff. He just acts ok with me. He said awhile back that I friendzoned him, so since he is acting normal with me and not flirting, touching, or saying comments anymore to me, does that mean he lost interest? Or he wants me to make the move now?


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  • I don't know Why he would Imply the 'friendzoned him' folly Now, when things seemed to be 'Flirting And flourishing. Apparently, he had his motives with Mentioning this, and now it has caused some riff raff in the touching and talking.
    If you know Why he said this, then make your move to show him differently. He may have a hurt ego, and just needs a little push from your friendly fingers. Yes, he May have some interest, but won't make a move unless he knows he is out of the zone, perhaps.
    Good luck.xx

    • Well he has been trying for over a year with me, and he said I friendzoned him back in February, and he seemed to be different after that. I think I will show him interest and hope for the best!

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    • Lol! Thank you!

    • You're so welcome.xx

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  • did you do something to show you're interest? if you're interested just show him because that's may be why he lost interest in you. He was may be tired to persue you without any responding from you :)

    • Yeah I didn't show him any interest at all (complicated story) but I do like him. Maybe he thought it was getting ridiculous cause he was doing that for over a year, and me not doing anything...probably set him back. Maybe made him think "Fuck this girl" in a way. I don't know.

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    • you're welcome, good luck :)

    • Thank youuuuu! lol! :D

  • No, he lost intrest.

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