Please need advice for the below?

I started seeing a girl since 3 weeks ago and we met only 3 times and I usually calling her every 2 days or sending message every 2 days
so I need advice girl whether I am on the track or not


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  • if you are interested in her, i'd be texting every day bud

    • I don't want to be rush also she is having exams that's why I take it slowly

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    • if i was the girl, i'd be so confused. its like you're talking, but not really. if it was me, i wouldn't think you were too interested

    • Honestly I saw her as agood girl for family and marriage but I didn't love her till now

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  • You're doing the right thing, don't want to smother her by getting in touch too often. I'd say call twice a week and text three days out of the week and only briefly. You don't want her feel as though you're going to suffocate her, but you also want to let her know you are still interested. Personally I prefer if a guy doesn't text a lot and Instead only does so a few times a week.

    • I totally agree with you

  • You been out with her 3 times and you don't at least text her good morning, goodnight, have a good day kind of thing? To me you are showing lack of interest and I would walk away.

    • Are you serious? ? But i don't want to rush things cause I always sending message and calling her and she didn't make it before

  • text her at lest once a day even if its just to say that u r thinkin about her thats not rushing anything and truth be told I would think that u weren't interested in me and I would walk away so if u like this girl u need to show her


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