Does this guy want a relationship or is he trying to just be a relationship coach?

I'm really confused of what he wants and not sure what to say to him. Here's what he wrote if you feel like reading it:

What I'm going to try to do here anyway.

I want to start by saying I don't bother to cast blame it is useless. My only goal is to help people heal from emotional scarring.

I came to this site to find some casual fun that might lead into something more, but the longer I've been here the more I see women not having a problem getting a man but keeping one.

I've had several long term relationships, which ended amicably. I'm out of them now. I've done a lot of researcher and taken a lot time to work out relationships there up downs and how they can last. Right now I'm taking a break from serious dating to enjoy being single for a little while, and while I'm not having trouble having fun I see the same girls week after week on this site still looking. Not having any trouble picking up a man they like. The problem for many of the women here as you most likely know finding a man you like man they can get to stay with them that they like.

So here's what I'm going to offer to any woman with in 30 minutes of Danbury, CT. For 1.5 - 3 months depending on the person, I will date in a REAL relationship. Any woman with the understanding that it is to teach you how to KEEP the next boyfriend you get that you want to keep. I will show you how to act in a healthy manner in a relationship that leave 90% not unable to leave but not wanting to. This isn't some kind hypnotic manipulation of who you are. What will happen to you is you will become someone you're truly proud of being. By doing only that you will become a beacon of goodness that can not only bring good people into your life, but also to help take a man or woman, if you prefer, to come to be another person like you will be capable of maintaining a healthy relationship.

In short I'll teach you will learn how to be a person who can cherish other people in a healthy non-codependent way.

The beauty being even though I won't be teaching him, your application of healthy relationship attitudes and behaviors will bring out fairly easily the goodness in him and if you so choose your children one day.
The self awareness will also help you never to fall for the cheap tricks of the pick up "artist" as well.
I'd like to make sure this isn't misunderstood I'm not laying blame on men or women for the horrible emotional state of our world.


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  • I think they made a movie of this situation, in it the gal accepted a different live-in border/lover each month - Sandy Dennis?
    1. What are his educational credentials, medical health reports, experience, references? I would be more assured to hire someone educated + proven experience + success refers - sexual/emotional involvement.
    2. What's in it for you? Cheap education? Caveats like STDs? Age of Aquarius living?
    3. What's in it for HIM? Seems obvious to any guy. Slam bang thank you ma'am, now on your way.

    • I just want a guy to be in a relationship with. I looked at his profile again and this is what it says now: I hate filling this out I'd rather talk in some kind of chat or on the phone. Hit me up with any questions you'd like to ask me.

      Hope to here from you soon.

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    • If Love is God, what would an Agnostic know about Love except what they can get for themselves before The End of their world? Me thinks this a one way relationship hook and I read you might be nibbling on his bait.

    • I'm just skimming through guys on this dating site I'm on to see who's interesting. To see who's dateable or not. He was sketchy. I blocked him.

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  • I'm not sure that he wants either of those things. Be wary of anyone who goes on the hunt for insecure types. They tend to be manipulative and abusive.


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