Does he like me or is he just a player?

I have been talking to this guy for a while now, we flirt and get on. But he can be quite hot and cold. For the past four days he's been texting me all the time, but I just found out he followed my best friend on instagram and he doesn't even know her. He can be a bit of a ladies man, but I am so confused, does he like me or am I just another girl to him?


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  • I'm sorry but what does is not enough to know whether he likes you or not because he can just be doing this to have sex with you. You really need to see how he responds and reacts to when your with other guys and such. That's when players crack and would get a good idea of their true intentions. If he's a player, he probably wouldn't care much if you were around other guys be if he really likes you then he would be a bit uncomfortable. I hope this helps!

    • He's coming out to town for my birthday on Saturday and I guess I could see then?

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    • It didn't feel like he was lying, but he was just an awful person.
      I'll see what this new guy is like on Saturday and go from there. Really I shouldn't care if he gets with someone else, it's not like we are together.

    • Yeah, if feel that's the best thing to do from there. Your ex is lying, he really is because he told you that he 'pretended' to like you. He really was pretended he would have just kept it to himself. He is trying to hurt you because he feels hurt.

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  • What's his dating history like? If he goes from girl to girl then you're probably nothing special to him.

    • He hasn't had a proper relationship for a while, he tells me he wants one. I know the last time he slept with anyone was a month ago

    • Oh wow, a month ago? That's so long, lol. The jury's still out on him.

  • Texting you all the time is the main thing. I'd say he's into you.

    • I know but I have serious issues with trust after my ex messed me up and now I feel like he would prefer any of my best friends (who are all gorgeous) to me

    • Oh. That's possible that he's settling.

    • I mean he's never met any of my friends, but I feel like if he did he'd like them more

  • You girls are stalker status. Why don't you talk to him to find out? Be blunt about it.


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