Why would he change this after I said that?

My bf has his phone set at 200 for texting for everybody he texts. We got in an argument last night about and I told him how I can see if he has texted a girl by how many texts there was on there before. For one girl it is at 200 and stayed there so I know he wasn't talking to her. Well today I had his phone because he left it in his Co workers car and i had to pick it up. Well I noticed he changed the setting to where there is no limit now. Why would he do this? Is he trying to hide something. Ugh I'm already insecure and have trust issues now I'm worried he will be texting another girl.


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  • Confront him. Whether your insecure or not you need to be honest with your feelings. My boyfriend played this game and I'm not the type of girl who goes through my boyfriends phone but i did because I had to be sure. What I found wasn't pretty. I gave him the ultimatum he end puts her out of his life or I walk out. He will pick whats most important to him and if your not it don't waste your time with a person like that. But your best offense is to be honest with your self and him and confront the issue he can deny and you can be a sneaky girl friend and check his phone out. If you catch him in a lie say good bye no one deserves to be treated on and used like a walking mat.

    • I asked him about it and he said he didn't change it and that it must of changed when he updated the software of his phone. Do you think that's the truth? ?

    • It's hard to say he could be telling the truth then again he could be lying. What ever your gut is telling you is go with.

  • I'll tell you what a friend told me.
    If he is going to cheat on you, there is nothing you can do about it. So for now, trust him. If he has something to hide, it will eventually show itself.
    Maybe try talking to the guy and explaining your trust issues?