So I meet a really interesting girl but not sure how to proceed or if to do so?

I meet her at a local bar so sort of a random thing. but seemed to go a lot better than some of my other bar encounters I have been having with girls. we talked for a lot longer than normal and she seemed genuinely interested but patio where I talked to her is a more social place than others out there and maybe I shouldn't read too much into it. she is for sure single and working at restaurant for summer. she gave me a lot of details about herself that other girls wouldn't which lead me to believe she was interested.
but then I tried to buy her a drink later on and she didn't go for it. but i'll likely she her again and maybe try and talk to her again now that we know each other a bit. I don't know I really though she was interested and a neat dating option


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  • Sounds like she wasn't letting you buy her a drink because usually when you let a guy buy you a drink, its assumed that she has to sleep with you. Maybe she really liked you and didn't want to be a one night stand. Also if you're serious is this something you want to pursue considering she may only be around for the summer?

    • I'm not exactly sure what her long term plans are , I didn't feel I had tried to pressure her into sex when I saw her , she was showing off a lot of cleavage but seemed to be enjoying attention. I'd like to pursue it a little bit further just to see if it has some potential

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    • it has been warm here last couple days , warmer than normal so imagine a lot of girls are wearing less clothes than normal for this time of year. I should try and talk to her again if I see her around

    • Def. makes sense, and definitely talk to her! i think its worth a shot!:)

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