How do I get a guy to ask me out with/or without telling him I like him? I want a guy's opinion?

I am a very shy girl and I am afraid to ask a guy out. I have had a HUGE crush on this guy all year, and he is a kinda popular guy (he is not a jerk at all). I am consided one of the most ugliest girls in school. The only time he talks to me is when say something to him first he is nice and responds, or when I let him read a the dirty (lol) fan fiction me and my best friend wrote about him. Right now there is a rumor that I Salk him going around school. When I text him on Kik he always puts wink face emojis, but he does that with every girl (my best friend stalks him that's how we have his phone number, Kik, instagram, vi ne, etc. If I did date him I know all the other boys on the bus would make fun of him and I. The school year is almost over and I really want to at some point date him. I am 2 years older than him but age does not matter right? This is my number one goal please answer this soon.

I am under 18 I lied thinking I had to lie to be on this website


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  • You don't, you borrow a pair and ask them or sit and complain about why you're single.


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