Girls, what should I do in this situation?

So, I showed my gf that I don't trust her by going out of my way to check up on her Facebook account, admitted this to her and she said I have trust issues and is really upset with me. Went to see her yesterday after 2 weeks of not seeing each other, found out she is quitting her job and her last day is in 2 weeks, and she will be going out of town for an indefinite period, or a holiday, because she just wants to clear her head...she told me it's because of me... I asked her if I will still hear from her and she told me she will see...I'm not sure what I can do to show her that I am truly sorry and I do trust her. Please help? When I went to see her, she told me that I really hurt her when I told her what I did..because we're 1 year into the relationship and not 1-3 months into the relationship...She couldn't believe how little trust I had in her...


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  • Talk to her be honest about why you did what you did and then apologize about it. You didn't do it for no reason at all something provoked you to do this. You just have to figure out why you did it and figure out if you truly regret doing it or not. If you want her fight for her don't let her go make her believe you say your sorry. Maybe you have had issues in the past maybe your insecure be honest about your feelings.

    • I told her why I did what I did, and she just told me that how I felt was self-inflicted, which I agreed with...I basically quit my job, I met her at my job and I didn't have a new one lined up and felt really insecure, I told her about this too...but she said she still can't forgive me and doesn't know if she ever will... I'm not sure what I can the past whenever we've had fights, I've always made the first move and tried to make things right... I tried a few times this time and I failed... I'm just at a loss, I feel like I should show I trust her and just let her go and maybe when she comes back she'll forgive me, or at least give me a chance to redeem myself...I'm not sure..

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    • Your not a fool I've been there done that and some how it worked out. I waited a year for it to and it was a horrible year but it's what you do when you love someone. Your welcome and good luck. I hope everything works out for you guys :)

    • Thank you Samantha

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  • ;/ I think you guys are very in tune with your emotions but you should have a clear goal of what you want from her or your guy's relationship...The first step is establishing a goal or a direction you wanna go in ;p

    Like why would you show her that you dont trust her? what was that going to accomplish to you?

    • I lost my job, I felt like I couldn't be there for her anymore, because I used to work with her, and saw her everyday at work...I admitted this to her yesterday, and she said to me that she still can't forgive me and doesn't know if she ever could... I can't stop her from going, I just want her to be happy and safe...

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    • I think these are really good questions I need to ask myself...

    • Yay! You got then, be a MAN!

  • Explain how much you care about her and tell her that you're very sorry for what you did (and mean it) tell her that she means so much to you that you dont want to lose her. You honestly shouldn't have done that because she's right you shouldve trusted her more. But if she has nothing to hide why would she be angry? be sorry and mean it

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