So if he doesn't text me does that mean he doesn't like me? :(?

Texting is like a two second thing right? Even if you're super duper busy you can text. This silly boy that I thought likes me hasn't texted me since the last day of school. Which was Friday. I sent the last text, so I'm not going to text him again. My friend's an idiot, and so she snapchatted a pic of me. He opened it with no reply, but he snapped me a couple hours later with a pic of worms captioned yum. I'm stupid, so I thought oh hey I shouldn't reply because he didn't reply in text. So now we haven't tlaked in two days, and I'm really sad and I keep overthinking everything. What do I do?

He likes me yay!


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  • Sweet heart, some people hate to text maybe that is the reason he isn't replying. Frankly, my gf yells at me a lot bcz I don't reply to her texts usually.

    Don't worry and don't be sad. Just text him again. :)


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  • Just text him and say I'm thinking about you

    • I texted him Heyy!! How are you? on Wednesday. No response. He snap chatted my sister though :( He asked her where I was. WHY THE HECK DOESN'T HE JUST ASK ME?

    • Yea he should text you i don't know why people do that stuff

  • Just text him...

    • But he never texted me back!!

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    • by the way I snap chatted him first. My idiotic friend thought it'd be a good idea to send him a snap chat of me. I have no idea what she wrote on it, but he opened it w/ no response. Whenever he snap chatted me it was like 5 hours later about something totally different.

    • OH WAIT. I'm sorry for like sending more than half of that stuff again. I forgot that I wrote a question.

  • What if thay guy is like in general not a text messager?(like me XD)
    And by the looks of your description, it doesn't look like he likes you "that way".

    • Yeah he isn't a text messager, but like he told me before the year ended that we have to hang out every single day. And he hasn't texted me about hanging out! Ahh you see we have this really weird relationship. Like one second he will seem like he friendzoned me. The next second he's alone with me asking me what I think about sex and what I dislike. And like we will like talk about religion. He will tell me everything about himself. All of his secrets. He never talks about that kind of stuff with any of his other friends. He never gets that deep with them. Oh yeah and he hugged me last time I saw him, but I forgot to hug him back oops. I was just so surprised. How do you know if you're in the friendzone? I heard him talking to our friend like the second month I met him that his ex friendzoned him, and he took it to heart. I don't know if that still applies now.

    • Sorry I sent you a nice paragraph :)

    • I don't see any wrong friendzoning your ex, provided the breakup wasn't rough. Now I think he's just selfish, not seeming to respond. Communication is an important part of any relationship. You cannot function well if there isn't. Instead of texting, I'd be calling (not so often, but whenever necessary). Confront him, drag him to a seat and discuss this with him.
      Thanks for the nice paragraph :D

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