What's up with shy guys that like you, go out with you, reply to texts promptly and with tons of :)'s , but NEVER initiate things?

I'm dating this awesome guy. He likes me, we have been on a few dates, and things are good. The only prob is he NEVER initiates anything. I have to text him, make plans, etc. He HAPPILY comes and enjoys the date/text, but hell will freeze before he initiates a text/date. Shy guys, can you explain this to me? I am in favor of splitting the asking out 50/50. I never expected him to do all the asking. But he seriously acts like the traditional girl in this dating situation wanting me to do all the asking. It's hard because i don't want to come off pushy and I like feeling that I'm wanted too (which doesn't happen when i have to do all the chasing). Can someone explain this to me?


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  • I am not sure if he considers you like a friend for now, in that case, don't rush anything because you will loose him.
    In another case, he might be just shy and in that case, just tell him honestly how does he feel about you.

    • No, I know he likes me and we are actually dating. We have done movie, drinks, dinner, hikes, etc (he paid 3/4 times). He asked me out the first time himself, but after that it's been all me. He also gets nervous around me, is very thoughtful and sweet, very reserved. It took 3 dates before I started seeing his personality because he is SHY and was very reserved the first few dates. HE's slowly opening up but I'd hope that along with that he'd also start initiating things himself.

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