Does he seem serious about me? Is he scared?

So I've known this guy for years and we have always have always seemed to like each other and flirt and things but it never got further than that because of timing and he moved away, we started talking recently after a while and the sparks are still there and chatted for a while because catching up in person.

We have a few movie nights and he tickled me and gave me hugs when he said goodbye then on the 4th catch up while we we hugging he lifted me up and gave me a peck on the lips.

We have been to my friend's 21st as friends and he talked to me a lot of the night and he came up behind me and hugged me when we were in a group chatting.

We talk everyday more or less depending on how busy we are and the conversation flows, and usually see each other twice a week, last weekend we went to sees. Movie and his brother and fiancé and a few of best friends happened to go to to the same screening and then we all went to a chilled lunch spot and got some lunch and a drink and he held my hand and drew little circles on it during the movie.

We have both been hurt in past relationships and really seem to like each other, he has said he is happier in general spending time with me, and wants to take is slow and steady and not to be scared because he wants me and everything that comes along with me, he said he doesn't want to rush it and it to turn out like his other relationships, we both have our own issues we are dealing with too, he said he is terrified of ruining this chance, he told me he jumps head first into relationships, without getting to know them and he is trying to change that , and he has finished thinking it through in his head and I make him happy and he has wanted this for ages and it feels right.

Am I stressing over nothing, I'm so worried we aren't going to work out since I've like him for so long and it feels so close and I want it to work so much but have been hurt a lot in the past and am used to guys lying etc

What are your thoughts?


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  • When a guy tells me he wants to take it slow and he has ¨issues¨ that always brings up flags for me. I´ll tell you why, when a guy likes you he will not let anything stand in the way, because he doesn't want you to get frustrated and go away, BUT... this seems very early on so just dont over think things, just judge him by what he DOES not by what he SAYS. He can say all kinds of nice things at the end of the day, How does he treat you? and if he calls when he does, and gives you priority, and doesn't leave you hanging and doesn't tell you he's ¨busy¨all the time then let things flow...relax, your amazing, if he wants you he will be there if not then you deal with it then. Worry about that when its time to.

  • I don't see anything to worry about to be honest. The guy clearly really likes you and just wants to take things slow. There's nothing wrong with that.